COVID in Washington state, county-level (December 27th, 2020)

  • 7-day trailing averages
  • scaled to cases per 100k.

Google sheets link


Washington State maintains a consistent below-average count compared to the USA

Washington State trailing average of new cases per 100k (26.2 on 12/27) vs USA (56.3 on 12/27)

King County stays below the state average

King County trailing average shows 18.5 new cases per 100k on 12/27

Spokane County new cases counts trend high above the state average

Spokane County’s new cases per 100k on 12/27 measures at 41.

Yakima leads the state in new cases (well above the country average itself)

Yakima is #1 in the state with 79 new cases per 100k (The US is only 56.3 in comparison)

All counties ranked by trailing average case per 100k as of 12/27/2020






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