COVID in Washington State, county-level (9/11/2021)

  • 7-day trailing averages
  • scaled to cases per 100k.

Google sheets link

All of my charts and tables are shared in a public Google sheets document:


Washington State is not much lower than the national average

The entire state has a 14-day trailing average of 42.03 cases per 100k. The country equals this at 44.72 cases.

King County’s average is a flat line in the past month, a clear deviation from the national and state-wide peak

King County appeared to cut off its rate of increase in cases about a month ago. It has held steady between 22 and 29 new cases on average. In recent days, there is a possibility of drop.

All counties ranked by trailing average case per 100k as of 9/11/2021

Here is a ranked list of all counties as of 9/11/2021. I have added the nation and Washington State as a whole to help contextualize the numbers.


I chose trailing averages and scaled to population (“per 100k”) to help readers identify how COVID-19 is trending in each chart and to allow readers to make fairly direct comparisons county-to-county.
These charts compare each county against the entire state. This allows us to say whether or not a county has generally been doing better or worse than the rest of the state. I am using the trailing averages and trend line comparison to mitigate the way that testing patterns have changed since the early months.
I have refrained from speculation about the reasons for each county’s performance in this post and concentrated on simple language: above vs below average and a month to month comparison.


Google sheet of WA counties
Google sheet with all King County cities
Subreddit with daily reports from various contributors



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