• 7-day trailing averages
  • scaled to cases per 100k.

Google sheets link


Washington state

King county trends above the state average for the first time since May

All counties ranked by trailing average case per 100k as of 11/7/2020

Table of all trailing averages for Washington counties for 11/7/2020. Walla wall, Adams, and Asotin county exceed the USA average. Counties that exceed the state average are Benton, Franklin, Chelan, Spokane, Grant, Douglas, Whitman, Pierce, Columbia, Stevens, and King.

Walla walla’s case count has been higher than the US average and trends upward

Adams and Asotin county have also exceeded the national average

Adams and Asotin county

Benton has hit the national average

Spokane county (523k) has remained above average for 2 months

Whitman county shows recovery to the norm



Google sheet of WA counties

Google sheet with all King County cities

Subreddit with daily reports from various contributors




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