COVID in Washington state, charts per county (Aug 14, 2020)

  • 7-day trailing averages
  • scaled to cases per 100k.

Google sheets link

All of my charts and tables are shared in a public Google sheets document:


Washington State

As we remember, in March, Washington State was above average in new cases, but has now stayed below the US average for the next five months.

King County

Against its own state, King County was above average for March and April. Not until May was it trending below the state average.


Yakima has been the focus of concern, and when scaled state-wide, we can see a pattern of above-average cases that simmered in April and picked up dramatically after that. Its efforts to control the virus are showing progress. In last week of July and first week of August there was a considerable drop in new cases. While encouraging, Yakima still remains above the state average in cases per 100k.

Adams, Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Walla Walla are trending high

These 5 counties show trends that are on the rise and above-average. I have included raw numbers alongside these graphs (and population numbers) which should help the reader contextualize the trendlines on the left.

Benton, Franklin, Okanogan, Yakima with July peaks and August improvements

Although these counties are still above-average now, they all recorded peak numbers that placed brought them high above average in July. August marks a promising improvement for each of these counties.


I chose these two transformations to help readers identify how COVID-19 is trending in each chart and to allow readers to make fairly direct comparisons county-to-county.



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