COVID in King County, charts per city (7/15/2021)

  • 7-day trailing averages
  • scaled to cases per 100k.

Google sheets link

All of my charts and tables are shared in a public Google sheets document:

King County

In April 2021, King County was above the state average. A steep decline followed in May and June. In July, there is an upward trend in cases in Washington overall. King County appears to match that rise in the first few days of the month.


Seattle continues to maintain a below-average trendline compared to the county average.

King County cities ranked as of 7/15/2021

  • Only cities with population > 5k
  • All of USA, WA and King County are included as reference points.

Charts for top 5 cities



Federal Way

Lakeland South



I chose these the average and 100k transformations to help readers identify how COVID-19 is trending in each chart and to allow readers to make fairly direct comparisons city-to-city.


Google sheet with all cities and Google sheet of WA counties

Subreddit with daily reports from various contributors



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